How to upgrade your Minecraft server to Vanilla 1.16

The new Minecraft 1.16 Nether update is out! This article covers how to upgrade your server to 1.16 and enjoy all the new updates that these updates come with.
At this current time of writing this tutorial, the only 1.16 version for servers is Vanilla and there is no plugin support for 1.16 yet.


1) Stop your current Minecraft server.

2) Let's first take a backup, head over to File Management, and select all of your files.

Prism Panel File Management


3) After having all files selected, go to Mass Actions and click on Compress and then click on OK.

Prism Panel File Management

Prism Panel File Management


4) After successfully compressing all of your server files, download it and keep it as a copy in case any issues came along.

Prism Panel File Management


5) Next, go to Version Manager and install Vanilla 1.16.


6) IMPORTANT NOTE: This is where you decide if you want to keep your existing Nether World or not.

A) To reset/delete your Nether World:

1) For Paper or Spigot servers, delete the world_nether folder to completely start over.

2) For Vanilla servers, go to your world folder and delete the DIM-1 folder.

B) To keep your Nether World:

1) For Paper or Spigot servers, keep the world_nether folder.

2) For Paper or Spigot servers moving into Vanilla, go to your world_nether folder and move the DIM-1 folder to your world folder.


6) That is it! Start your new 1.16 Server and continue where you left off previously and explore the new adventure! If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact our support team! For now, Enjoy your time in the new Nether Update!

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